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Students utilize the same resources (financial aid, scholarships, working and savings, etc.) to pay for studies outside the U.S. as they do for studies on campus.

The key to success is to start planning a least a year in advance of going abroad.  This gives the student time to estimate total costs of a program and to develop a funding plan in consultation with the UNT Study Abroad Office, the UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (SFAS) and the UNT Student Money Management Center (SMMC).

If costs are a concern, shop around to find programs that best fits your budget.  With 1,500+ programs in 90 countries, there is a program available to fits most budgets, provided the student is flexible in some areas.

  • Perhaps, it may be more economical to go to Latin America versus Spain. 
  • Will you have the ability to work while abroad? 
  • Do you have more funding available to you if you study abroad during the semester versus the summer? 


Financial Aid
Grants and loans from the Texas and/or the Federal Government based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students should contact the UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (SFAS) to find out what aid s/he may be eligible to use towards their study abroad and the timeline for disbursal of those funds.
May be scholarships that a student receives from UNT or an external non-UNT organization.  These scholarships may be specifically for study abroad or may be general educational scholarships that can be used towards educational expenses such as study abroad.
Other Financial Resources
Outside of financial aid and scholarships, students can explore other financial resources to use towards the costs of their study abroad and international experiences.
  • Use Airfare Assistance to Pay For or Reduce Cost of Plane Ticket
    • Purchase ticket using Frequent Flyer Miles / Points / Rewards
    • Use airfare benefits of family and/or friends to fly standby
    • STA Airfare Deposit Program (Pay $300 now to reserve ticket; balance due seven days before departure)
  • Use Benefits to Attend UNT Towards Study Abroad Expenses
    • Some students receive tuition assistance and/or waivers to attend UNT.  In some cases, they can be used towards study abroad expenses.  Before signing up for a study abroad program, please verify that your educational benefits can be used towards your desired program.
    • Hazelwood Act Benefits - Contact Mary Roby (; Veteran Services Office in Sage Hall)
    • Texas Tomorrow Fund / Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan - Contact Larrie McDonald (; ESSC, Room 105)
    • Veterans Benefits - Contact Kimberley Wells (; Veteran Services Office in Sage Hall)
    • Other Potential Benefits
  • Fundraise and/or Seek Corporate Sponsorship For Study Abroad Expenses
    • Students may write letters, send emails, or use social networks to ask family, friends, businesses and organizations for financial contributions to use towards study abroad expenses.  The idea is not to ask someone to provide a donation to cover the entire expense, but rather to pool funding from several small donations such as $25, $100, etc. to add up towards funding goal.  Students should be clear that they are fundraising for an individual and NOT for UNT.
      • Parents and Extended Family
      • Employer
      • Religious Community and/or Organizations
      • Cultural and/or Ethnic Organizations
      • Businesses in Hometown
      • Professional Associations
      • Use Online Fundraising Websites; just Google "Online Fundraising Websites" for a few options.  Please keep in mind that these type of sites usually take a percentage of the proceeds so shop around and/or factor the fee into the amount you want to raise.
  • Work and Save Funds to Use Towards Study Abroad Costs
    • Do you receive a refund from your UNT aid package?  Think about setting aside a little bit each semester to save for your study abroad.
  • Creativity and Ingenuity
    • Think outside the box.  Students continually come up with new ways to fund their study abroad ranging from garage sales to selling handmade crafts and more.



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